After decades as a successful song writer, producer and musician, I took off my work hat and dove deeply into the study of the Master Plants of the Amazon. After over 9 years of study and rites of passage with the Shipibo tribe of Peru, I now carry within me the energies, Spirits and Songs of many Plants and it has become my responsibility to record those channels and songs that are coming through me to be able to share them with us all. I don’t call them “My” songs, rather “Our” songs.. My hat is now back on, only this time for a different reason. I offer these songs as both an artist and as a servant and I’m humbled to share them with you. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, Haux. Gracias, Iraké, Naiwen, Konoronkwa. 




*** Infinite gratitude for all my medicine family and teachers throughout this decade on the path: Papa G, Oscar Rodriguez, Chonon Quena, Birin Soi, Rosa, Metsa Oka & Szusi, Chonon Soi & Birin Soi CA, Metsa Meni, Birin Yakata, J&L Reed, Jojo Francis, Maggie Bear, Joey David, Sheldon Gibson, Grandmother Kaariina, Adam Yellow Bird, Yoshi, Buo Quena, Solwind, Santiparro, Mananxawe Joni, Ronin Ewa, Simon Scott, Issa Yaka, Noma Kaya, Mishqui Buna, Noma Biri, LK, Leon Cuauhtonal, Antonia and Benjamin Mahua, Sanket Sunni, Wilma Mahua, Ronin Caté, Metsa Oso, Noma Kiwé, Sanque Yakka, Netin Sunni, Poincusco Mai, Noma Quena, Hacun Ora… And to every soul that has sat in front of me in a Maloka, you have been my biggest teachers.

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